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Originating in an area southeast of the Indian Ocean once referred to as Bourbon, the Brazil Santos Green Organic Coffee from Mitalena Coffee is ideal for those in search of a medium-bodied roast that’s low in acidity. This green bean is grown in South America from coffee seedlings first produced on the French colony of Reunion Island, giving them a unique flavor profile found nowhere else in the world. The altitude in Brazil where Santos beans are grown (650-2600 feet above sea level) yield a bolder coffee rich in texture and exceptional aromas.

Coffee drinkers looking for a flavor profile boasting notes of fruits and creamy chocolate will love this bean. Brazil Santos Green Organic Coffee also bears a sweet finish, making it ideal for dark roasts and Turkish blends as well.

Since 1987, Mitalena Coffee has been providing the leading blends and beans to America’s finest coffee retailers and restaurants. For those interested in purchasing our high-quality Brazil Santos Green Organic Coffee, contact us online or call (713) 827-7799.

Size: 16 oz (1 lb)


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