Jamaica Blue Mountain, Green 16 oz.


The coffee was introduced to Jamaica in the early 18th century, and now their coffee beans are considered to be the best and most expensive in the world. Roughly 80% of the crops are exported to Japan. People enjoy the coffee for its mild taste and non-bitterness. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is highest grown at 3,000 ft. above sea level. The soil is volcanic and well drained after frequent rains and a misty climate. Production is small compared to other countries, which explains the high price. The fruity flavor will develop on your palate. With intense aroma , rich flavor and a balance between full body and moderate acidity it is no wonder the high price is accepted.


Grown in Jamaica’s unique “Blue Mountain” region at altitudes of 3-5,000 feet above sea level, this coffee has developed a reputation for being the most expensive in the world. Several factors are responsible for the high price point, one being that it’s grown and exported in extremely small batches, which is why Mitalena Coffee is so excited to offer our Green Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. The precise altitude in which these beans are grown, coupled with the length of time until they’re picked make for a truly unique flavor.

The Green Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee available from Mitalena Coffee bears fresh floral tones, as well as notes of fruit and nuts. It offers an intense aroma and clean body. Since the beans are green, you can either roast them at home or drink green coffee, which boasts antioxidants which improves the immune system that many find gives them a health boost.

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