Mexican Altura Coatepec, Green Organic 16 oz. from Mitalena Coffee


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Mexico is known for producing a coffee bean that’s unlike any other. The rich, volcanic soil in which our Mexican Altura Coatepec Coffee is grown gives the coffee a distinct flavor. Mitalena Coffee is excited to offer this exclusive green, organic Mexican Altura Coatepec 16 Oz. Coffee.

Coatepec is a region in Mexico that produces some of the best tasting coffee. Altura in Spanish means height, which reflects the meaning of high altitudes at which this Mexican Altura Coatepec coffee is grown.

The coffee brew provides subtle aromas of floral notes and rich, nutty aftertaste. Also, this single origin Mexican Coffee offers the coffee drinkers a well-balanced silky, and nutty cup of coffee that will please you. This makes the Mexican Altura coffee a perfect green coffee bean to roast medium at home, or try to boil the green beans for weight-loss, and additional nutrients. These Mexican coffee beans brew a consistent cup of coffee that’s both strong, subtle and complex taste, with a medium-to-high acidity.

Each batch of our Mexican Altura Coatepec 16 Oz. Coffee is carefully selected and thoroughly washed in the land of origin to ensure the very best quality. To learn more about our exclusive inventory of flavors, beans, and blends, contact us online. You can also order your beans today by calling (713) 827-7799.

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