72ct – Pick Six 12ct Organic Low Acid Single Serve Coffee Brew Cups

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Finally, now you can get the smooth, aromatic, and low acid Mitalena Artisan Coffee ® in a convenient single-serve cup. Our Mitalena Artisan Coffee ® Artisan Coffee Low-Acid 72 Single Serve Cups are compatible with Keurig® single-serve machines. Not only that, but you get FREE shipping with our K-Cups, you can also customize your order with our pick six option. Choose 6 boxes (12 cups) from these following coffees: 

Colombian Supreme
Morning Blend
French Roast
Vienna Roast
Evening Decaf
Hazelnut Creme
Vanilla Bean
Golden Pecan

Based in Houston, TX, our Mitalena Artisan Coffee ® team has been roasting,  blending,  packaging, and distributing coffee all over the country since 1987. With a huge variety of coffees and flavors, we have the coffee you’re looking for. Enjoy our K-Cup selection and FREE shipping on all orders.

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Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in

3 reviews for 72ct – Pick Six 12ct Organic Low Acid Single Serve Coffee Brew Cups

  1. Mary C Fancher (verified owner)

    This is the BEST coffee! The taste is smooth and consistent. I enjoy the variety and that they are in K-Cups. I had to give up coffee because of issues with heartburn but I began reading up on what products were low acid. Mitalena was the third one that I tried. It’s a keeper. My husband who is a coffee snob really likes it to! I am thrilled that I can drink my favorite beverage again! Thanks Mitalena.

  2. Laura

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this coffee. It has a rich bold flavor without the stomach ache. The flavored coffees don’t have that super artificial flavor most flavors coffees have…Its a pleasant and smooth flavor. Love the mix and match option & it is super affordable. 10/10 best at home gourmet coffee without putting in a lot of effort!

  3. Nathaniel

    This past month, I was struggling finding a good coffee that wouldn’t upset my stomach. I AM A COFFEE LOVER, worked at Starbucks for a few years and Panera Bread, so coffee to me is a must.
    When I read the reviews on this product, I decided to give it a try along with several other brands such as Puroast low acid french roast and Healthwise low acid and already trying this brand, I could tell the difference.

    Mitalena Brand is THE BEST! I love the variety of flavors and I was so surprised to find myself enjoying the decaf brand as well. Golden Pecan is one of my favorites along with the Vienna Roast and Decaf. Each have their own flavor, but they all have a good strong caffeine to them. I wish they could be separate packages, but overall I do like the bundle and most likely will do the variety pack again very soon. I’m already thinking about getting this for my Dad for Father’s Day since he LOVES coffee if not more so than me.

    Mitalena did not upset my stomach but it also helped boost my energy and had the flavor of rich minerals. If you’re unsure about the bundle, or the price I understand, but it’s totally worth trying especially if you need something that won’t upset your stomach or need something new in your morning routine.

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