5 Reasons to Drink Organic Coffee

If you’ve noticed more and more coffee shops these days using organic coffee roasters and offering organic beans, you’re not the only one. Organic coffee is becoming an increasingly popular trend in cafés throughout the states and worldwide. It’s for this reason, as well as their variety of beans available that have made Mitalena Coffee one of Houston’s most popular roasters.


Dedicate Organic Coffee Roaster

For those who are still on the fence about going organic, here are some facts about organic coffee that might help sway you in the right direction.

Maintaining Soil Properties & Nutritional Value

One of the primary benefits of organic coffee is that it ensures the soil where it’s grown is always of the highest-quality and mineral content. Pesticides can often kill some of the best nutrients in the soil, meaning the next yield grown in it could be lacking vital nutrients.

No Harmful Pesticides

An organic farmer won’t be pumping their crop full of harmful pesticides each morning that might wind up in your first cup of the day. When you invest in a pound of beans from an organic coffee roaster, you can also rest assured that your coffee, when brewed, will be as clean as possible and free of harmful toxins or chemicals.

Higher-Quality Beans

You might not know it, but the majority of coffee is actually shade grown, which allows the beans to absorb many more aromas and flavors from their surrounding environment. Without the use of chemicals, these subtler aromas will still be present in your coffee.

Less Soil Erosion

Since organic coffee beans don’t contain any harmful toxins or chemicals that will remain in the soil after being used on plants, there’s also much less soil erosion. This is a huge benefit for the environment and helps protect local ecosystems. Chemical-free farming and ecological methods can ensure a minimal amount of erosion through reforestation.

Helping Needy Countries

Many of the farmers that promote biodiversity and organic farming are still struggling to make a living.  But when you buy beans from organic coffee roasters, you’ll be helping these farmers become economically stable. 

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If you’ve been inspired to start drinking organic coffee, then Houston’s best organic coffee roasters would love to hear from you. Contact Mitalena Coffee today or visit them online for more about their roasting technique.

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