About Us

Mitalena Coffee, by United Intertrade, Inc. is a coffee roaster based in Houston, TX that specializes in roasting, blending, flavoring and packaging coffee in bulk or small quantities for wholesale and retail businesses. Since 1987, Mitalena has been providing coffee to some of America’s finest restaurants, coffee shops and boutique coffee retailers. We deal in all grades and quantities of coffee from show quality premium beans to large quantities of economical varieties. Our broad selection of coffees and flexible production capacity uniquely positions us to be able to meet our customers’ vast array of coffee needs.

Mitalena Coffee Collection

At Mitalena, we carry a wide variety of coffee beans from all over the world. Our coffees range from expensive pedigrees of estate coffees such as Jamaica Blue Mountain and Hawaiian Kona Fancy, to in-house economical blends of select beans. A few well-known trade names in coffee are Colombian Supremo, Kenya AA, Costa Rican Tarrazu, Guatemalan Antigua, Nicaraguan Matagalpa, and Indonesian Sumatra.

Mitalena Coffee Processing

The Mitalena coffee roasting process is based on a European roasting system where coffee is slow roasted in single batches and then air cooled. This traditional “Old World Style” roasting process produces coffee of unmatched smoothness and aromatic quality. The flavor characteristics of coffee are impacted by a variety of factors including the country and region where the coffee was grown. Other important factors impacting coffee’s characteristics are the Roast of the coffee as well as the Grind. Roast and Grind play a significant role in the strength and boldness of a cup of coffee.

Mitalena Coffee Packaging and Private Labeling Services

In addition to our in-house brands of coffee, at Mitalena we provide third-parties with coffee packaging and private labeling services. Through this service we are able to custom tailor orders to our customers’ specific coffee and packaging needs. We offer a comprehensive list of coffee processing and packaging services such as specialty vacuum packaging and private labeling for consumer and institutional applications.