Mitalena Coffee

Welcome to the updated home of smooth and aromatic Mitalena coffee!

The Mitalena coffee roasting process is based on a European roasting system where coffee is slow roasted in single batches and then air cooled. This traditional “Old World Style” roasting process produces coffee of unmatched smoothness and aromatic quality making our coffee unrivaled in it’s low acidity and stomach friendliness.

The flavor characteristics of coffee are impacted by a variety of factors including the country and region where the coffee was grown. At Mitalena, we carry a wide variety of coffee beans from all over the world for you to taste. Other important factors impacting coffee’s characteristics are the Roast of the coffee as well as the Grind. Roast and Grind play a significant role in the strength and boldness of a cup of coffee. When ordering our Single Origin coffee, you choose the levels of Roast and Grind (or whole bean), and we will roast your coffee to order. We also offer our Single Origin beans in green form for those who like to roast their own coffee.

In addition to our Single origin coffee, our master roaster has crafted coffee blends to suit every occasion and type of coffee drink.

We also carry a vast selection of flavored coffee from our in-house flavor laboratory.

Our own line of canned coffee brands including Cafe Don Pedro, Mediterranean Coffee and Cafe Orleans have become the coffee of choice for thousands of our clients over the decades.

New for 2016 we have started to offer single serve K-cups® compatible with Keurig® coffee machines. The same great coffee now in a very convenient form.

We appreciate you visiting our website and invite you to explore the many delicious options awaiting you. We deliver to  and offer $5 flat rate shipping on all orders and free shipping for those orders of $75 or more.

Please call us if you have any questions since we love speaking to our clients and fellow coffee drinkers! Our normal business hours are from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM (CST), Monday through Friday. Call us toll-free 1-800-969-2233 or send us an email at