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Enjoy our outstanding custom blends and delicious single origins. We also carry a vast selection of flavored coffee from our in-house flavor laboratory.

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At Mitalena, we carry a wide variety of coffee beans from all over the world.


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Welcome to the updated home of smooth and aromatic Mitalena coffee!

The Mitalena coffee roasting process is based on a European roasting system where coffee is slow roasted in single batches and then air cooled.

Best Coffee Roasters in Houston

Mitalena Coffee has been perfecting the art of roasting for years. For more than three decades, our experienced roasters have made an art of our roasting, packaging and shipping affordable, high-quality single origin and blended coffee. By offering a broad selection, Mitalena Coffee has helped hundreds have access to their favorite beans and roasts.

What makes Mitalena Coffee unique is that we deal in all different grades and qualities of coffee, enabling us to provide our customers with an expansive variety of different blends and flavors. We work with show quality beans that are rare and hard to obtain and larger quantities of more general, economical varieties. Some of our most popular roasts include Hawaiian Kona Fancy, Costa Rican Tarrazu, Guatemalan Antigua, Nicaraguan Matagalpa, and Indonesian Sumatra.

Mitalena Coffee also offers single origin beans that are rich and delicious. Often found in areas with highly-fertile and volcanic soil, single origin coffee is one of our specialties. By roasting small batches of some of the world's finest beans, we provide a tasting experience unlike any other. It's this care and commitment that makes us one of the best coffee roasters in Houston, providing an outstanding cup of joe time and time again.

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