Enjoy the Best Coffee Roaster in Houston – How to Select Your Coffee Through the Day

It might sound crazy, but your favorite coffees actually have optimum times of day for consumption. Before you dive into your next cup of coffee, take a look at our recommendations for when to enjoy them from our experts at Mitalena Coffee – creators of the best coffee in Houston.

Morning Coffees

Milky coffees like cappuccinos are best suited for the morning. These frothy treats not only provide a nice energy boost, but they are also filling, making them perfect for breakfast. Frothed or flat macchiato are also a great choice.

When it comes to mid-morning coffee, mocha is a good choice that is milky, cocoa-tasting, and filling. Top it off with some cream and a biscotti on the side to dunk into it and you’re good to go!

Fast Fact: The latte, which is the milkiest coffee, is usually drunk in the morning. And its French counterpart, café au lait, is typically paired with a croissant topped with butter.

Afternoon Coffees

Modern office workers typically have a coffee to plow through afternoons, but you also want to avoid post-meal tiredness. For this reason, espressos are the best. Either a single or double taken neat is a simple but effective way to kill your afternoon energy dip.

Just remember: too much and you’ll be feeling the effects all the way to bedtime!

Anytime You Like

The Americano, also known as the king of coffees, can be taken any time of day at any strength. Add milk or sugar if you like and you have a great breakfast or calming evening treat.

We Have the Best Coffee in Houston at Mitalena

At Mitalena Coffee, our products are some of the best coffees in Houston. No matter what time of day you enjoy your coffee, you’ll find something to love in our selection. Contact us today for more information.


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