Four Fast Facts About Coffee Roasting in Houston and Beyond

As one of the top Houston coffee roasters, our team at Mitalena Coffee understands the many intricacies of coffee roasting. With over 30 years of experience in the field, we’re going to list some things you might not know about the roasting process that goes into our products.

Roast Color and Caffeine Content

Dark roasts have less caffeine content per bean than their light counterparts. Although many people assume that dark roast coffee is stronger, the roasting process leads to the breakdown of caffeine. Ultimately, less roasting means more caffeine.

Interestingly, dark coffee weighs less, meaning there are more beans per cup. This means that at the end of the day, liquid light and dark coffee end up having the same caffeine content!

Roasting Time

Coffee roasting is both an art and a science. Through the application of heat at various points throughout the process, you can influence acidity, mouthfeel, and flavor. For example, roasting slowly prior to the first crack in the process can increase texture and body. Conversely, applying more heat at this point can increase acidity, creating a crisp and clean finish.

Watch for Carbon Dioxide

Ever seen a coffee bag with a valve? This is to control the carbon dioxide released by roasted coffee and prevent the bag from inflating or exploding. At Mitalena Coffee, we leave our roasted coffee to sit prior to packing to help prevent this problem.

Bold Is Different Than Dark

Bold coffee doesn’t necessarily mean dark. A bold cup of coffee requires a higher coffee-to-water ratio during the brewing process. The boldness stems from the fact that there is more coffee stuffed into each cup, resulting in its strong flavor and high caffeine content.

Shop Coffee Roaster and Products in Houston Today

At Mitalena Coffee, we offer a wide variety of products from our Houston coffee roasters. No matter what your preferences, you’ll find something to love within our selection. Take a look!


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