Four Vital Factors Which Create Perfect Green Coffee in Houston

Just because it is green coffee doesn’t mean any less time and care has been put into its cultivation!  Many coffee lovers prefer buying green coffee in Houston because they can roast the beans personally to their own idea of perfection – and that’s fine.

Unfortunately, sometimes people think that green coffee somehow involves inferior ingredients because of its “DIY” nature, and that’s just not true.  If anything, green coffee must be even more carefully selected to ensure it’s going to be perfect after being roasted.

These are just a few of the factors coffee shops must consider when offering green coffee.

Four Vital Factors for Great Green Coffee in Houston

  1. Single source

When dealing with green coffee, blends just aren’t an option.  For a great bag of green coffee beans, it must be single sourced.  That’s the only way to guarantee quality and consistency!  Even small variations in how the beans are grown – such as local soil quality or moisture content – can result in big changes in the coffee produced.

  1. For highest consistency, go for hand-picked

There are three basic ways of harvesting coffee cherries for the beans inside.  They can be picked by hand, stripped by hand, or mechanically stripped.  Picking coffee beans by hand is time-consuming and costlier, but it allows for homogenous ripeness.  Any form of “all at once” stripping will result in bags of beans at various stages of ripeness, reducing overall quality.

  1. Wet vs Dry processing

When it comes to removing the coffee beans from the cherry, there are two basic methods.  Both can be “best” depending on what you’re looking for.  Dry-processed beans simply use heat (or sunlight) to dry out the shells until the bean can be removed, which preserves the bean’s natural sharp flavor and reduces acidity.  However, wet processing -soaking the beans to remove the outer shells- tends to create beans which are brighter, fruitier, and more acidic.

  1. Proper handling

Finally, if you’re looking for green coffee beans, quiz your coffee house on how the beans are handled after processing.  You want to buy them from a source which protects them from humidity and keeps temperatures as constant as possible.  That preserves the beans properly until they’re ready for you to roast them!

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