How Acidity can Affect Your Morning Cup of Joe

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Coffee is a necessity for most people. It packs a power punch of energy, refreshes and magically cures lethargy. However, for some people digesting coffee is more of a problem than a solution. People with digestive disorders or sensitive stomach notice that digesting a cup of coffee in the morning can be challenging. This happens because coffee can be highly acidic, creating problems for those with digestive disorders or sensitive stomachs.

This in no way means that one must swear off their morning cup of Joe.Taking the above mentioned challenges into consideration, many companies nowadays creating low-acid coffee blends. Mitalena believes that coffee is a beautiful beverage which everyone should get to experience.

Acidity Originates with the Bean

So why can coffee be acidic in nature? It’s a defense mechanism for coffee plants as by being acidic and caffeinated, would-be insect invaders are prevented. That being said, the balance of caffeine and acidity usually differs from bean to bean, causing some to be more acidic and lower in caffeine, or vice versa. Altitude and harvesting time also have a role to play in the acidity of coffee beans.

Why Acidity is an Important Factor

You might be asking yourself: what’s the big deal about this acidity thing? The acidity in coffee plays a big role in the flavor of the coffee. Coffee is known for its sour and bitter flavors, which are created by the level of acidity in it. Acidity in coffee should not be taken into account only by people with sensitive stomachs and digestive issues. Too much coffee can take a jab at one’s tooth enamel and stain teeth as well. Which is why it is advisable for everyone to take into consideration a coffee’s acidic properties.

Low-Acid Coffee? Does it Work?

So what would be the solution to heavily acidic coffee? No coffee? Wrong—it’s Low-Acid Coffee. Don’t think that low-acid means it will lack in flavor. Think of how decaffeinated coffee works. It doesn’t lack flavor, just caffeine. Similarly, low-acid coffee just lacks a higher acidic value. The coffee beans are treated with steam and water to protect those subtle profiles you’ve come to love over the years. Mitalena doesn’t use any chemicals in the process, meaning you can be confident that every cup of low-acid coffee you drink will be great in flavor and quality.

Mitalena Coffee carries quality low-acid blends!

Are you ready to give your stomach a rest? Learn more about cutting back on your coffee acid by contacting the team at Mitalena Coffee, or visit our website for a closer look at our inventory.

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