How Roasting Levels Affect Coffee Flavor

Coffee Roasting in Houston

Have you ever wondered how your favorite low-acid coffee blend or traditional single-origin bean boasts that rich flavor you’ve come to love? Well, for years, coffee roasters like Mitalena Coffee have been perfecting their technique to create some of today’s most popular flavors and blends.

But if you’ve ever wondered just how much the roasting process enhances or detracts from the flavor of the coffee bean, just look at some of the insight provided below.


Light Roast Coffee

Not known for being a low acid coffee, lighter roasts are often the ones where the acidity is upfront and center. Floral and fruity tones dance across your taste buds with each sip of light roast. In fact, lightly roasted coffee beans boast more of their original flavors than other darker roasts, so many coffee connoisseurs prefer lighter blends.

Medium Roast Coffee

Going from light to medium roast is one of the ways to boost the aroma and sweetness of your favorite coffees. Although acidity often reaches its peak in lighter roasts, other flavor profiles appear at the forefront giving medium roasts a unique taste. Due to its many balanced flavors, medium roasts are often a favorite for coffee cupping, a way specialty roasters and coffee shops determine flavor profiles.

Medium-Dark Roast Coffee

At this stage, many of the more apparent flavor profiles present in medium roasts will begin to break down. Medium-dark roast coffees take on tastes like chocolate and other smoother flavor tones. Coffee is caramelized the more it’s roasted, resulting in heavier-bodied blends with and a more pronounced taste many have come to love.

Dark roast coffee beans

Dark Roast Coffee

In dark roast coffee, acidity decreases drastically. Caramelization is at its peak, providing a strong, bitter taste that has become a favorite. Dark roasts are for people who like a STRONG cup of coffee. Familiar notes of cocoa make these beans rich and recall an almost smoky taste. Most of its aromas and flavors are present as a result of the roasting process.



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