Organic Low Acid Coffee – Why You May Need It.

Acidity is essential for coffee taste. However, lower PH level of acidity can be tolerated by people with GERD or other gastric issues. Regardless of your situation being for health reason or for pure enjoyment, our team at Mitalena Coffee can help you understand the acidity in coffee, and also help you how to select and to brew a perfect cup. 

Causes of Gastric Issues

Acid is essential for digestion. Stomach weakness allows acid to move into the esophagus creating diseases such as GERD, and health problems such as Acid Reflux, Heartburn, and other gastric issues.

In this case you may ask your health provider if Organic Low Acid Coffee can be enjoyed.

Acidity in Coffee

Without acidity coffee taste is flat. To produce Organic Low Acid Coffee, we at Mitalena Coffee understand how to manipulate the Acid content in the final coffee production. First, not all green coffees are equal in their acid contents. Second, acidity content in coffee is influenced by regional farming as well as by altitude. Therefore, acidity in green coffee ranges from strong, to medium, to low; and Lower Acidity coffee are cultivated in South East Asia such as Indonesia and South India, where others are grown in part of Africa such as Ethiopia. And third, Acidity in coffee con be lowered though coffee blending, coffee processing, and the method of coffee brewing.

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