Should You Be Drinking Low Acid Coffee?

Ask some coffee purists, and they’ll tell you that the acidity of coffee is an inseparable part of its overall flavor profile.  They might also claim that any processes to remove acid from coffee will wreck its taste.

That might have been true once upon a time, but there have been major advances in creating low acid coffee beans over the years!  Today, there are plenty of excellent products on the market – both blends and single-source coffee beans – which are low acid, but without sacrificing taste.

If you haven’t given low acid coffee a try lately, you might be surprised.  Even better, it carries some health benefits.

Why You Should Consider Switching to Low Acid Coffee Beans

  • Protect your stomach

Chronic stomach acid, such as acid reflux or GERD, is a serious health problem in America and other places.  People who already struggle to prevent heartburn can have a hard time enjoying coffee without paying for it later.  Lower-acid coffee is much easier on the stomach, reduces heartburn, and may even make it easier to sleep at night if you’re prone to nighttime reflux.

  • Protect your teeth

Another issue with all the acid in coffee is what it does to your teeth.  The acid content in many light-roast coffees is enough to start stripping away the enamel on your teeth.  This isn’t a major issue for occasional coffee-drinkers, but those who consume several cups a day could be doing real harm to their dental health.  At the least, they’re causing the teeth to stain more quickly.

Drinking coffee with less acid avoids these issues.

  • Dark roasts and cold brewing taste great!

Low acid coffee doesn’t have to be made with esoteric chemical processes that strip away the flavor.  There are multiple ways to make low acid coffee beans without sacrificing any flavor.  The simplest is simply to choose dark roasts.  Those naturally have a lower acid content, since the longer roasting time burns the acid away.

The other option is cold-brewing.  By soaking the beans in water for 12-24 hours first, much of the acidity is removed – creating a remarkably smooth and balanced cup of coffee.

Mitalena Coffee

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