The Best Coffee in Houston For Every Time of Day

A true coffee-lover knows that coffee isn’t simply a morning drink to wake you up.  With so many wonderful blends and roasts of coffee in the world, there are coffees which are perfect for every time of day!  In fact, with so many great coffees here in H-town, the real challenge is finding the best coffee in Houston for the time of day and your mood.

Everyone has different tastes, but we have a few suggestions.

Choosing the Best Coffee in Houston For the Time of Day

  1. First thing in the morning

There are two schools of thought here.  Some people want an exceptionally strong coffee, to wake them up fast.  Others prefer something a little more smooth and mellow, so that their first sip isn’t like a hit to the face.  By all means, go for your robust-based blend if that’s your thing.  Personally, we’d recommend something a bit more mellow, like a good breakfast blendJamaican Blue Mountain is another great choice, for its combination of smoothness and taste complexity.

  1. Mid-Morning

Your mid-morning coffee break, around 10-11AM, shouldn’t be too heavy.  After all, lunch is coming up before too long – you don’t want to mess up your appetite.  This is a great time for something mild and aromatic, such as a lightly-roasted French Vanilla.

  1. Mid-Afternoon

For our money, mid-afternoon is when you really want a cup with some kick to it.  You’ve been at work for hours, you’re getting run down…  you need something that’ll stimulate mind and body.  This is the best time for a dark roast coffee, such as one based on Italian roasted beans.  There’s also Double French Roast, although few can take it straight without some cream and sugar.

  1. After Dinner

Many feel a meal isn’t complete without an after-dinner cup of coffee, and we agree!  However, it might be time to think about making it a cup of decaf.  If your after-dinner coffee is too strong, or too acidic, it could lead to stomach problems or prevent you from going to sleep!  Fortunately, great late night blends are here to give you a smooth, non-acidic finisher to your meal which won’t keep you up at night.

Turn to Mitalena For the Best Coffee in Houston

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