The Coffees of The World

Coffee plants are grown around the world within certain geographical locations and environmental conditions. These two essential criteria for coffee plantation provide fertile soil from green volcanic mountains, and climatic conditions of rain and tropical sunlight. These specific geographical and environmental conditions are located in the coffee belt around the world within 6000 miles north and south of the equator.

These ideal criteria are essential for growing and cultivating high quality Arabica coffee beans with distinct characteristics.
Although most of these regions produce high quality Arabica coffee, the difference in quality of coffee vary from region to region, depending on the fertility of the volcanic soil, the moisture content, and the altitude from the sea level.

As a result, higher altitude develops a harder bean. The hard coffee beanis richer and higher quality of Arabica coffees. Also, the consistency of the climatic conditions is another climatic factor, which varies from one country to another, and fromregion to region in the same country like the situation in Brazil.

In addition, certain factors such as location, soil quality, altitude, sun direction, moisture content, nature of shade all are factors in coffee quality. That is the reason for the difference in the quality of coffee from one farmland to another in the same region.

Coffee farming around the world is different from one country to another, which produce totally different kinds and quality of coffee, mainly Arabica or Robusta types of coffee.Farming Arabica coffee requires attention to detail, which demand intensivelabor for planting, fertilization and gradual cultivation.The Robustacoffee, on the other hand, is a wild plant that demands large farming with less attention, and mechanical cultivation and processing.

Accordingly, certain countries are specializedin producing strictly high quality gourmet Arabica coffee.This type of coffeeis grownin Central America, South America, South EastAsia and part of Africa.While other countries are specialized in producing Robusta coffee such as Vietnam,part of Indonesia, Part of Brazil, and some parts of Africalike Ivory Coast and others in the region.

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