Our decision to move into 12oz bags

As we have recently renewed our website we also had to make the hard decision to follow the industry and move into a 12 oz bag. Here is the letter from our managing director Bob Ajouz to a customer inquiring about that change.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your patronage, and very sorry for your disappointment in the weight change.

Please allow us to explain the reason for this weight change.

If you notice, the long duration of covid19 has changed the nature of business and created a huge disruption to the economy.

It created shortages in raw materials, and has weakened the dollar and both triggered waves of price increases.  

For example: the shipping cost of a 20ft container went from $2400.00 up to $9000.00.

The packaging materials from plastic to card board boxes have increased 4 fold. For example: the shipping boxes has increased from $0.32 to $1.02 per box.

The empty coffee bag increased from $0.31 to $0.75 per bag. Also, in the last four months the coffee price in the Coffee Board Of Trade has increased by 36.4%.

Transportation cost and other services are experiencing huge increases. When you add up all of these increases together they will mount to more than 24%.

Facing this wave of increases, and instead of increasing the price of our coffee, we decided to follow the coffee industry by reducing the weight and keeping the price intact.

This way we can manage the cost of inflation to the finished products, and to the increase of UPS and other shipping cost.

Sorry, we are giving you this internal information to explain to you our predicament in these difficult times.

We really appreciate your concern, and like to keep you loyal customer.

Take care and looking forward to hearing from you.



Bob Ajouz, Managing Director

United Intertrade, Inc.

Mitalena Coffee / Café Don Pedro

Ph: (713) 827-7799

Fax: (713) 827-7881