How Drinking Coffee During Summer Helps Keep You Cool

Summer Heat Hot Coffee


Summertime might not seem like the ideal seasons to sit and enjoy a steaming cup of your favorite Yemen coffee or organic low acid blend, but don’t be too quick to dismiss the idea. In many cases, drinking a hot cup of coffee can actually be more beneficial than opting for that iced latte.

For decades, Mitalena Coffee has been helping clients all over the world have access to the best beans available. Here they’ve gathered some insight into why many still choose to drink hot coffee even on those scorching summer days.

How Does Hot Coffee Cool You Down?

Drinking hot coffee during summertime cools you down by making you sweat, just like exercising. When you start sweating, your sweat glands draw out the heat in your body, helping to cool you down in even the hottest climates. That’s why there are so many coffee and tea drinkers in places like Yemen and Morocco all year round. Of course, if you’re on a date at your favorite coffee shop and don’t want to be dripping sweat by the end of the evening, opting for an iced drink is probably best!

Does the Caffeine Content of Hot & Iced Coffee Differ?

The caffeine content in hot and iced coffee drinks does indeed differ. This is because heat and boiling water are better at extracting the caffeine from beans than other methods, like cold pressing coffee. If you notice that the morning cup of iced coffee you’ve been having during the summertime leaves you lazy and lagging behind after only a few hours, try switching back to normal drip coffee for a few days.

Can Coffee Make You More Dehydrated?

Coffee is a known diuretic, but this doesn’t mean that drinking it on hotter days is a bad thing. Each blend and bean affect people differently, which is why it’s important to find a type and intake amount that’s good for you. Also, don’t forget to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated on those hotter summer afternoons.

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