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Mitalena Coffee

Mitalena Coffee - Yemen Mocha Matari Coffee, 12 oz.

Mitalena Coffee - Yemen Mocha Matari Coffee, 12 oz.

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Coffee from Yemen is very distinct and cleans the palate with a dry wine-like quality. An aftertaste of chocolate is sometimes noted. It is truly one of the best.

Before coffee was grown throughout the world’s many growing regions of today, there was only one place to get it; the port of Mocha in Yemen. The coffee tree was actually discovered across the narrow Red Sea in Ethiopia but was exported throughout the world from Yemen, which was called Arabia at that time. Arabia is wherefrom the coffee lovers of the world received the beans that transformed into their passion drink. Hence, coffee was given the name “arabica”. The port of Mocha has since been blocked by a sandbar, but the coffee coming out of Yemen is still sometimes referred to as “Yemen mocha port coffee”. The name “mocha” also expresses the flavor of combined coffee and chocolate. The renowned chocolatey aftertaste of Yemen coffee takes the credit. Yemen mocha port coffee is grown now as it was in ancient times. The trees line terraces attached to dry mountainous terrain. Poplar trees are planted to shade the coffee plants from the merciless sun. The beans are processed naturally, which explains their rough appearance.

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