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Mitalena Coffee

Mitalena Coffee - Cappuccino Fudge, 12 oz.

Mitalena Coffee - Cappuccino Fudge, 12 oz.

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Rich and creamy with chocolate and whipped cream notes.

Size: 12 oz.


Sometimes when you wake up you’ve got a sweet tooth, right? Well, if you’re the type who likes to start the morning off with something sweet, then you’ll love Mitalena Coffee’s Cappuccino Fudge blend. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and savory coffee flavor. Rich and creamy with notes of chocolate and whipped cream, this blend of coffee recalls a steaming hot, sweet cappuccino from your favorite café, all in your very own home.

Our Cappuccino Fudge Coffee is made from the finest 100% Arabica beans and blended to perfection by our expert roasters. Mitalena Coffee’s team of experts use their years of experience to handcraft a one-of-a-kind blend that boasts unique aromas, and a richness and boldness any coffee drinker can appreciate.

Order your Cappuccino Fudge Coffee from Mitalena Coffee now! 

If the description above has gotten your mouth watering for something sweet, we don’t blame you. Since 1987, the team from Mitalena has been handcrafting some of the finest coffees available for retail establishments, cafes, and coffee connoisseurs all around the country.

All our blends are roasted in single batches then air-cooled, providing unmatched quality and freshness.

In addition to our flavored blends, we also carry traditional favorites like Colombian, Guatemalan, and selected organic beans. For more information about our offerings, contact us online today or call (713) 827-7799.

‘desert coffee’ to flavored coffee (for sweet tooth or after dinner)

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