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Mitalena Coffee

Mitalena Coffee - Ethiopian Harrar Green, 12 oz.

Mitalena Coffee - Ethiopian Harrar Green, 12 oz.

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Harrar coffee is one of the most prized coffees from Africa. It comes in short berry and long berry. Ethiopian Harrar coffee has medium to light acidity, full body with mocha flavor, and winey aftertaste.

This coffee comes from one of the most popular coffee-producing regions in Ethiopia, one of three main regions in the country’s eastern highlands known for its delicious beans. Ethiopian Harrar comes from the Oromia region, which is also known as “Harrar,” and boasts a unique flavor with hints of berries and other fruits. It also has an earthy aroma that recalls chocolate and dry wines. This is what makes it one of Mitalena Coffee’s best-selling products.

This 12 oz. bag of Ethiopian Harrar Green Coffee is perfect for those who enjoy roasting at home, perfecting each of their personal batches for their very own palate.

Alternatively, Coffee doesn't have to be roasted to be enjoyed, it can be boiled, as done in Ethiopia. This green coffee is low in acid and bears a host of the common antioxidants.

To learn more about the 12 oz. bags of Ethiopian Harrar Green Coffee available from Mitalena Coffee, contact us online today or call (713) 827-7799.

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