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Mitalena Coffee

Mitalena Coffee - Espresso Delight, 12 oz.

Mitalena Coffee - Espresso Delight, 12 oz.

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This signature espresso is made from a select combination of coffees roasted full city to produce rich espresso. Espresso Delight has a bold flavor, heavy creme, and a smooth finish. It is an excellent espresso coffee for a cappuccino.

For traditional extra dark espresso, see our Espresso Italiano.

Size:  12 oz (340 g)

Espresso Coffee or café espresso and some call it “expresso” is a strongly concentrated coffee drink that is brewed through steam pressure to produce thicker consistency coffee than regular drip coffee. Indeed, the most distinguishing characteristic of espresso coffee is the crèma which is the reddish-brown foam that floats on the surface of the espresso cup.  The crèma is usually composed of proteins, caramelized sugar, and coffee oil.  Espresso coffee has a higher amount of dissolved coffee solids than drip coffee served in a small demitasse cup and measured in shots (about one fluid ounce) than bigger cups or mugs of about 8 to 12 ounces per serving of drip coffee. Developed in Milan, Italy in the early 1900s, espresso coffee was produced by forcing water through finely-ground coffee using steam pressure.  Today espresso machines use a spring-loaded piston. The concentration and thickness of the espresso coffee allow the Baristas to create the base for other drinks like café latte, cappuccino coffee, macchiato, mocha, and Americana coffees.


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