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Mitalena Coffee

Mitalena Coffee - Golden Pecan Low Acid Coffee Pods 72ct.

Mitalena Coffee - Golden Pecan Low Acid Coffee Pods 72ct.

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Mitalena Artisan Coffee Golden Pecan Organic Low Acid Single Serve Brew-Cups

Made with organic Arabica coffee beans, Mitalena Coffee's Golden Pecan pods offer a medium roast with a balance of warm pecan, a subtle note of vanilla, and a gentle hint of cinnamon flavor.

Finally, now you can get the smooth, aromatic, and low-acid Mitalena Artisan Coffee ® in a convenient single-serve brew cup. Our Mitalena Artisan Coffee ® Artisan Coffee Low-Acid 72 Single Serve Brew-Cups are compatible with Keurig® single-serve K-cup® brewing machines.

Packed six 12-count boxes of Golden Pecan.  FREE Shipping.

Based in Houston, TX, our Mitalena Artisan Coffee team has been roasting,  blending,  packaging, and distributing coffee all over the country since 1987. With a huge variety of coffees and flavors, we have the coffee you’re looking for. Enjoy our coffee brew-cups selection and FREE shipping.

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