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Mitalena Coffee

Mitalena Coffee - Low-Acid Premium Blend Decaf, 12 oz.

Mitalena Coffee - Low-Acid Premium Blend Decaf, 12 oz.

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Mitalena Artisan Coffee proudly introduces our renowned Premium Blend Decaf under its new name: Low-Acid Premium Blend Decaf. Retaining the beloved taste and quality, this renaming aims to guide those new to coffee or with sensitive stomachs toward a more enjoyable experience.

Decaffeination of our coffee is carried out through a sophisticated water-based process, meticulously avoiding the use of any chemicals. This method ensures the removal of caffeine in a natural and gentle manner, preserving the rich flavor and aroma of the beans. By relying solely on water, we ensure that every cup of decaffeinated coffee offers a pure and uncompromised taste experience, aligning with our commitment to health and environmental sustainability. This approach not only maintains the integrity of the coffee's profile but also supports a cleaner, safer decaffeination process, making it a choice you can feel good about.

This blend is the culmination of extensive customer feedback and the dedication of our expert coffee connoisseurs. It represents our commitment to offering a coffee that combines tradition with adaptability, ensuring every cup is a testament to our passion for excellence.

Featuring a lower acidity level, this blend offers a wonderfully smooth start to your day, ensuring every morning begins with the comfort of a delicious, gentle cup of coffee.

Size: 12 oz (340 g)

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